Conrad Friedrich Fischer from Bodenhagen owend a Gasthof in Höckelheim which was completely burned down during the great fire in 1811.

In the year 1808 he had bought a corner house in Northeim located in the Kurze Straße. It was established as a store and inn. He then bought the necessary patents sold by the Government of Westphalia, became a established merchant and a joint owner of a gin mill. Per year he sold about 1325 bottles of wine, from 1830 to 1840 about 5,5 hectoliter of beer per year.

Conrad Friedrich Fischer always had wanted to start the wine trade but it was his son Louis Fischer who was granted the concession in 1864 for his house in the Hagenstraße, the former brewery.

In 1899 Fischer by using the houses he had bought, constructed a massiv red-brick-building and named it guest house "Englischer-Hof" called the "Krug-Hotel" during the years. In 1914 at the outset of World War I it was renamed into "Hotel Deutsches Haus"

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